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Maine Coons

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Crothers, but please call me Liz. We are located at  Point Clare, about 5 minutes from the F3 at Gosford on the Beautiful Central Coast of NSW.  Please note that this website was launched 20.12.06.

The first 7 years I was registered with WNCA, however, in 2008 I changed to TFA - The Feline Association of NSW, in late 2012 I have moved to NSW CFA, so some exciting things are happening!

With the change in clubs, there has been a change in Prefix - I am proud to announce that my new Prefix is BETHINX!

I have been breeding these beautiful cats since 2001. All kittens are raised inside, underfoot, (much to my husbands despair at times). I have 4 daughters, so my kittens are well used to children, and I find that the cats tolerate quite well the treatment  that children can sometimes inadvertently give them sometimes. My children have sometimes dressed them, put them in prams and barbie cars!

2012 saw the arrival of our first home bred Maine Coon girls - so stay tuned for more exciting happenings!

Special thanks must go to Felicity Curan of Notredame Ragdolls, for her love, support, advice, and her cats.



The Reds


Some years ago now, there were no Reds, Creams or Torties in the Ragdoll Breed in Australia. Several outcross programs were commenced around Australia. This one was commenced by Felicity of Notredame Ragdolls.
This program was approved by the ACF and is proceeding under the umbrella of the CFA. I have worked conjointly with Felicity in finishing her Red Program.

The success of this Progam can be measure by the calibre of cats such as Hope and Ethan, who have achieved significant recognition on the show bench.

Like fine wines they get better with age! Red develops quite slowly, and it can be some months before their true patterns are ascertained.

Ethan, aged 7 months
Ethan, aged 7 months
Hope, aged about 10 months
Hope, aged about 10 months

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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